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Reviews from Cabbies Cab

Chelsea C..
, 160 Cambridgepark Drive (near Alewife)

Wonderful service. Always on time. They are extremely courteous, accommodating and reliable. The vehicles are clean & fresh. We have had very sketchy service in the past to our Watertown location on Coolidge Ave & are so pleased to have found Cabbie’s Cab.

Noel H..
97 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge MA 02138

Cabbies Cab has been my most reliable way to the airport for over 9 years! The drivers are always early and courteous. I trust them to get me and my family to Logan safely. So much more reliable and consistent than taxis or car services. Thank you, Rajan!

APT 2, Cambridge

We use Cabbie's Cab whenever we need a ride to the airport (except that one time when we tried to book too late). The service is excellent. We know the car will be here at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time, and we always get to Logan without a hitch. It's nice to have one thing *not* to worry about especially when things get hectic in the leadup to travel. William H. Cambridge, MA

Carolyn Z..

Cabbie's cab has always been reliable and a pleasant experience. The first time I used Cabbie's Cab was a day that another cab service hadn't shown up and there was a Cabbie's Cab! Never used anyone else. Hank K. Cambridge MA

James C..
83 Trowbridge street, Cambridge

Have been using cabbie cab for years now and have always had a great experience - friendly and super reliable - after some bad experiences with other companies I have never had any issues with cabbie - Recommend very highly.

Joe B..
MA, United States

I have used Cabbie's Cab for numerous trip to Logan from Wendell Street in Cambridge. The service is impeccable: always prompt and courteous. You can always depend on Cabbie's Cab.

Meghan O..
MA, United States

Cabbie is a pleasure to work with. Courteous and ALWAYS on time.

Yogi S..
120 Florence Ave Arlington, MA

Cabbie's Cab has always been very prompt. The driver has been polite and efficient. Would definitely recommend!

Tanya T..
, Near Central Sq Cambridge MA

Cabbie's Cab is the only service I use for going to Logan. I live in Cambridge on Wendell Street. They are always reliable; very punctual and courteous.

Jacob R..
Boston, MA

Linnaean Street, Cambridge I have used the Cabbie's Cab for around two years and I have been always pleased with the cab's punctuality. This is great especially if you want to be at the airport on time. I will continue to use Cabbie's service in the upcoming years. It's indeed very cheap and also extremely professional

Andrew G..
MA, United States

Very satisfied with service Prompt and reliable Good for families Appreciate the peace of mind

michele b..
Sidney St Cambridge, MA

It was a wonderful ride from Somerville to Logan airport. The driver was early for my scheduled time, arrived with a sparkling clean car, and got us safely to the airport! Couldn't ask for more.

Jay K..
, 125 Sixth St Cambridge MA

I have used Cabbie's Cab over the past several years to travel to Logan airport for work. Driver is always on time (early!) and pleasant. I highly recommend Cabbie's Cab!!

Jacob R..
Boston, MA

What sets the Cabbies Cab apart from other companies is its exemplary punctuality-- the car always arrives on time so I never had a problem with catching up with my flight. The driver was always polite and the rides were always smooth. I have been using this car service for several years now, and I am very pleased with it.

Andrew L..
, 67 Wyman St. Jamaica Plain MA

For trips to Logan from Coolidge Corner, Brookline, off Alton Place, Cabbies has been great. Prompt, dependable, and friendly.

Sara F..
MA, United States

This is the only cab company I ever call. They are always on time, if not early, know the ways around Boston traffic and are extremely friendly. The cars are clean, comfortable and roomy. Diane Dorothy Rd Arlington

Sheauling K..
Arlington, MA 1st floor

I have always had good rides with cabbie's cab. I take them to the airport from Boston Avenue in Medford. The driver always arrives early, so you never have to worry about being late. The car is always clean and the service is wonderful. I would definitelty recommend them!

Marcy Johnson ..
, Boston Logan Airport MA

I always call Cabbie's Cab when I need a reliable car service. They are consistently 15 minutes early. They don't waste time, and they get me where I need to go. Pick up in Cambridgeport is a breeze whether I'm travelling alone or with my family. Thanks Cabbie's Cab!!

Tanya T..
, Near Central Sq Cambridge MA

I always use Cabbie's Cab when going to the airport from Wendell Street in Cambridge. They are always punctual and polite and very dependable. You always know that they will be there when they say they will.

Seth B..
Cambridge, MA

I always call Cabbies Cab for early flights. They are totally reliable and generally arrive early to my place near Prospect, with lots of communication via text message. Price is good too. I recommend this service to colleagues.

Jodi L..
Boston, MA

Always on time, courteous and efficient.

Boston, MA

This is the only cab company I use now when flying out of town. Consistently reliable (showing up early every time!) and very nice, friendly people. Awesome customer service, and so easy to book. They treat their customers well.

Will N..
Boston, MA

We use Cabbies Cabs every time we go to the airport from Central Square, Cambridge. They are always punctual, reliable and polite. We love that we can rely on them no matter what time day or night - they have never let us down.

Salvador A F..
, Logan Airport

I use Cabbie's Cab for all of my business trips. They show up early and know the best shortcuts to take when there is heavy traffic. The drivers are very friendly and make you feel comfortable during the trip. If you are looking for a reliable shuttle service for pickup around Davis Square, these guys are the ones to choose.

Valerie B..
Cambridge, MA

Cabbie's Cab is friendly and reliable and has never let us down! They have always found their way through sometimes heavy traffic to get us from Davis Square Cambridge to the airport in plenty of time. Communication is great with them. Highly recommended!

Hannah O..
Cambridge, MA

All services were excellent, which is why I'm still their customer.

Caryn B..
MA, United States

We recently booked Cabbie's Cab for my father since we were unable to take him to the airport. They showed up 15 minutes early and got my dad to the airport without much hassle on a weekday morning. They are always reliable and friendly. We have used them several times and will again!

Jackie Burrows B..
Boston, MA

Marcy J. Pittsburgh, PA My daughter has used Cabbies Cab exclusively the past 2 years for trips to and from the airport. I've used their service on my trips to visit her. They are always early and we never stress about getting to the airport on time. Drivers are always courteous and friendly. Highly recommend. Wouldn't use any other cab service in the Boston area.

Jean C..
Cambridge, MA

Wonderful service, very reliable, very friendly, easy online booking. We booked round trip and the driver was already waiting for us both ways. Highly recommended.

sandrine F..
Cambridge, MA

I've been using Cabbie's Cab exclusively for the past 4-5 years for service to the airport from Davis Square in Somerville. Excellent service, totally reliable, and friendly communication. Never had a problem. I've always received a text a few minutes in advance letting me know the driver is outside, ready to go. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get back and forth to Logan. They're the best taxi service around!

Ioannis S..
Cambridge, MA

I have been using Cabbies cab for two years between Harvard University Housing (garden street) and Boston airport. Drivers always arrive 5 or even 10 mins before reservation time. They provide excellent and reliable service.

Kathryn T..
MA, United States

I used Cabbie's Cab for the three years I lived in Cambridge on Hampshire St every time I went to the airport and they were exceptional each time. It is easy to book online and they arrive 15 min early to make sure they are on time. The owner is super friendly. I would recommend this company for anyone going to the airport from Cambridge.

Racel W..
MA, United States

Friendly, always on time. Online booking is very convenient. Able to accommodate last minute changes. We have used them several times to get to Logan and will continue to do so!

A O ..
, Follen St Cambridge MA

I know I can always rely on Cabbie's Cab to get me to the airport on time. No stress wondering where my ride is. They always arrive early so I am never waiting. If you live in West Cambridge off of Mt.Auburn, Huron, Fresh Pond Parkway, it's I highly recommend Cabbie's Cab. Friendly and dependable!

Joyce K..
#6, Cambridge MA

I have taken Cabbies Cab before and each time it has been really reliable. I have booked it when I have the early morning flights (around 6 am) and no public transit is available. I haven't used it from my new location, but when I lived in Cambridge by Putnam ave, the driver was always early, tried to avoid unnecessary tolls, and got me to the airport on time. That's all I could ask for in a cab service.

Ioannis S..
MA, United States

The service was great. They are always at least 10 min early and nice clean vehicle. We love the fact that everything can be done via online or via text. Very convenient that we do not have to wait on line over the phone.

James C..
83 Trowbridge street, Cambridge

Terrific service that I will definitely use again for trips to the airport from Huron Ave. The driver was prompt and helped me load my heavy bag into the trunk. The service is so reliable that I depend on them especially for early morning flights from Logan. Thank you!

Philip G..
MA, United States

Cab arrived ahead of schedule to my apartment in Allston (Kelton Street) and got me to the airport on time. Friendly and professional driver. My only complaint is that the advertised "online booking rate" of $35 is not actually possible to get: the flat fee is in fact $40, and the 15% tip is automatically included (which means it isn't really a tip, is it?). If the actual cost of the trip is $46, just tell me that, instead of placing the misleading information on your website! Nonetheless, a good and reliable car company. Will book with them again.

Norio Y..
MA, United States

Have had excellent service from cabbie cab. Driver is always early. Car is always clean. Safe driving. Knowledge of streets and neighborhoods. Very easy to book online or via text.

Alex D..
MA, United States

Cabbie's cab is great! I had to get a last minute cab to the airport in early morning (6am) , and I was very happy that someone at the cabbie's cab came to pick me up in 15 mintues. The odd thing was that the driver asked me to pay for the cab fare even before he started driving. However, that turned out to be ok since I was really late for my flight, and paying the cab fare in advance (the flat rate) helped me save time. Also the driver was very polite and courteous the whole time. I would use this cab again.

Alex D..
MA, United States

I used cabbies cab when I need a cab right away around 5:30 am to go to the airport when, for most cabs, the service is not readily available around that time unless I make a reservation the day before. The driver for cabbies cab was extremely nice and punctual. At first, the driver asks you to to pay for the flat rate before driving to the destination, which astonished me in the beginning because I thought he was ripping me off. However, this was just there policy, and in the end, I safely arrived to the airport with very courteous service (the driver took out both of my suitcases and walked them to the next closest airport entrance). Plus, paying in the beginning saved me time for paying at the end when I really had to rush to the airport terminal.

Zi Z..
MA, United States

We use the services twice for business. Great service, always ahead of time, good communication line. Our employee spoke highly of the service you provide.

Tanya T..
, Near Central Sq Cambridge MA

I always use Cabbie's Cab to go to Logan from Wendell Street in Cambridge. No matter what time of day it is, he is always on time and very polite. I have recommended him to many friends.

michele b..
Sidney St Cambridge, MA

As always, this was great service! Clean cab was waiting earlier than the time I had requested for it to be there. So great to not have to worry about whether Cabbie's Cab will show up--always so reliable! Thanks.

Mike b..
, Holyoke Rd Somerville MA

Cabbie's Cab is the only cab company I call! Always on time (early actually), clean cars, easy to pay with credit card and always very friendly--great service! No complaints. I recommend them all the time! Dudley Street in Cambridge

Thomas J..
, Cambridge MA

Cabbies cab gives a very good service. I have used their services several times and every time they were 15 min early. Last time my parents even had fun with the driver. They laughed and talked the whole time. Highly recommended!

Michael Y..
, Sunset St Boston MA

CabbiesCab was easy to use and efficient enough for reservation/receipt. Thanks for your service!

Thomas J..
, Cambridge MA

We are a returning costumer and always very satisfied about their services! Always on time, friendly, knows what they're doing. Great service! If you don't know which terminal you're going to, the driver will know! Great help! Thx a lot!

Thomas J..
, Cambridge MA

We've chosen cabbies cab because they are reliable and always have been on time, even earlier than pick up time. Even when we don't know which terminal we have to go to, the driver knows. We are very satisfied about their services, so why change? :-)

Tanya T..
, Near Central Sq Cambridge MA

Cabbies Cab is the BEST cab service in Cambridge. I have used this service to go to the airport many times, some times in the very early morning hours. He is always on-time and courteous. I'm on Wendell Street in Cambridge.

Steve D..
, Somerville MA

Good reliable service. Driver arrives early and let's you know he's there. Always on time. Helpful and polite. Have used the service a number of times and always been very happy with it. have used it from Maple Ave, as well as Holyoke Place. Helen M, Cambridge, MA

A O ..
, Follen St Cambridge MA

I've used Cabbie's Cab many times for early morning rides to Logan Airport. They are extremely reliable and always on time and usually early. Very reasonable from near Huron Ave in Cambridge. I don't bother looking for other transportation. Highly Recommended.

Logan Airport Boston, MA

I frequently travel on business, requiring early morning flights. I always book Cabbies Cab to pick up from my home on River St in Cambridge and they are completely reliable. 100% of the times I've booked them they have arrived 15 min early. I never have to worry about Cabbies Cab.

, Cambridge MA 02138

Used CabbiesCab for the first time this past April and was extremely pleased. The owner arrived ahead of time in a and was totally accommodating. He was personable and very helpful. I live in Jamaica Plain. I was nervous trying a new business I hadn't heard of before searching the web, but I was completely satisfied!

Nicole ..
, Oxford St 02140

Cabbies Cab is my go-to cab service - the drivers always show up early and are the most reliable and friendly I know. They text or call to let you know when they are outside, and I am always grateful to know I will make it to my early morning flights! (Washburn Ave in North Cambridge)

Barbara A..
, Cambridge MA 02138

Cabbie's Cab is the best! Always reliable, on-time, and courteous. I live on Wendell Street in Cambridge and always use him for service to Logan

Marianne M..
Somerville, MA

Great service as always! I'm in Somerville neat highland ave. Quick trip to the airport totally in time in a clean car with formally service. My go to for airport car service!

Michael B..
, Near Porter Square Cambridge

Cabbie's Cab is the only cab company I call when I need a ride to the airport. The service is reliable, prompt, and polite -- the three most important things a cab company can be. I highly recommend them. Mike Briddon Eustis St., Cambridge, MA

Cathryn V..
, Dana St Cambridge MA 02138

Great reliable service, especially for rides to the airport. My boyfriend and I always use Cabbie's Cab when we travel. Fast service from Cambridge to Boston Logan. Cabbies is not just on time, but always early. Clean cab, nice drivers, easy to book. Dana St, Cambridge

Hannah F..
Harvard Square Cambridge, MA

Cabbie's cab always does a great job. Prompt, clean, friendly, and safe drivers (this matters to me a lot). I've never had a problem and would now n\ever travel to Logan airport any other way!

Eriko ..
, Near Cambridge MA 02140

The service is great. The driver showed up early as other users commented. I will have their service again!

Kate M..
, Porter Square Cambridge MA

Cabbie's Cab is the only cab company I'll call anymore - I love them! They are super reliable - always early, always very pleasant and the cars are always clean. They've been helpful in the past when I've misplaced a receipt, as well. Highly recommend them! Upland Road, Cambridge

Marianne M..
Somerville, MA

Thanks, Rajan and team, for another great trip to Logan! As always, you were early with a clean car. Thanks for being so reliable and always delivering great service.

Paul P..
MA, United States

Very reliable airport cab/transfer service. We have used them for years, and have found them to be courteous, to have clean vehicles and to always arrive on time or early. We use our own car seats with no problem. While it is a short trip from East Cambridge / Cambridge St area, the certainty of getting to the airport on time is worth it!

Adebayo J..
, Unit # 2

Great service! The driver arrived on time and was very courteous and professional.

Hannah F..
Harvard Square Cambridge, MA

Really impressed with this service -- incredibly punctual (always early!), incredibly clean, and friendly, whether I am traveling alone for work or with my busy toddler, spouse, and 50 suitcases. So much better than a taxi in so many ways. Great work guys.

Angela C..
Boston Logan Airport Boston, MA 02128

Most reliable and courteous service to Logan! Angela, Huron Ave., Cambridge, MA

Sheri S..
MA, United States

Wonderful service from Cabbie's Cab as always. The driver always arrives 15 min early so I never have to worry about being late. We have used Cabbie's many times and will continue to recommend it to others!

Boon S..
MA, United States

Reliable and booking is very easy. The drivers are always 15 min early and the service is great. They are the first cab company that comes to mind when I have to book one to get to the airport.

Bo L..
Cambridge, MA

Great service. I have used them several times and they always show up early, are courteous and reliable. Their cars are usually very clean and comfortable. They are my number one choice when I need to go to the airport. Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

Alessandro P..
, Summer St Somerville MA

Always reliable service. I always use Cabbie's Cab for reaching Logan Airport. I live near Summer St. @ Central St. in Somerville, and they are always on time, kind and reliable. If you look for a wonderful cab service look no further.

Sisir K..
Windsor St Cambridge, MA

The service was great. We had to leave for the airport at 4:30 am in the morning, and the cabbies cab came 10 mins early and made the whole process extremely smooth. Last time I had to catch an early flight, catching a conventional taxi at that time was a nightmare.

Rebecca L..
Cambridge, MA

Extremely reliable car service!! Best around and use them for every trip to the airport.

Marianne M..

Always wonderful service from Rajan and his team. They arrive right on time (or early, very often!) and have clean, comfortable cabs. Great way to get from Union Square Somerville to Logan!

Cambridge, MA

I've used their service quite a few times, and they are always on time, professional service, excellent experience, very satisfied. there were a couple of times that they arrived too early, but waited patiently outside. Julia L.

Joy C..
Cambridge, MA

Amazingly reliable service. I live on a difficult-to-find street off Linnaean St near Mass Ave, and drivers have always been prompt (or significantly early). This is the only cab company I completely trust for airport trips.

Harvard St, Cambridge MA

Prompt service, got me to the airport in under 10 minutes. Convenient mobile payment as well!

Kaitlin M..
, Iman Sq Cambridge MA

Arrived early, especially on monday after Daylight Savins. Got me to the airport in plenty of time.

Brendan J C..
Cambridge, MA

Excellent service. Always on time with a clean and comfortable car and polite driver.

Nathan B..
, Sparks St Cambridge MA

Always shows up, always 5-10 mins early, always confirms time and date before booking, competitive prices and friendly service. What's not to love?! They know the roads well and have always managed to get me around any traffic and to the airport in plenty of time.

Kristina G..
Irving Street, Cambridge

As always, highly reliable and very considerate. Was delighted that the driver phoned ahead to let us know he could arrive early to our home close to the Divinity School. Highly recommended.

Thomas J..
MA, United States

Punctual, friendly reliable...great way to go to the airport

Rachel A..
Cambridge, MA

Great service and good prices--though you have to play by their rules: accept all their texts and book well in advance.

Seth B..
MA, United States

Cabbies Cab has not only ALWAYS been on-time but early for all of my reservations. Highly reccomended!

Laura C..
Cambridge, MA

Great, reliable service! Cab is very clean, he arrived early, and I felt safe. I'll definitely use Cabbie's cab again and recommend to my friends. Very professional.

Bryan F..
Trowbridge St, Cambridge

Service was excellent. Only made reservation 6 hours before pickup. Driver arrived early for the pickup. I left my hat in the car and the driver contacted me to let me know.

Cambridge, MA

Very reliable and great price. No stress for an early morning flight. Driver was even a little early. Convenient payment system, too!

Andreas P..
Cambridge, MA

Cabbies Cab is always on time and reliable. I would recommend them for airport service.

Salom T..
MA, United States

Cab on time, arrived at airport with no hassle. I especially appreciate the flat rate.

John K..
, Near Galleria Mall Cambridge

GREAT ride. Picked us up right on time and the driver helped us load our bags as well.

Elena G..
MA, United States

My last ride came EARLY, but was ready to wait until the arranged time. He was very professional. Recommended!

Josephine L..
, Harvard Universty Cambridge MA

Such great, reliable service! Definitely will be using cabbie's cab for all my airport travels from now on!

Roberto P..
Belmont, MA

I have used Cabbies Cab several times, both for business trips where I go alone to the airport, and for family trips where I go with my wife and my small daughter. They are always on time, and they are always courteous. I just keep coming back.

Linda Z..
Cambridge, MA

Very easy to book. Car was waiting before the time booked. Very quick ride to the airport. Great!

Yingna S..
Cambridge, MA

Cabbie's cab are great. I will continue to book my future trips with Cabbie's cab to the airport.

Jarrod M..
Near Porter Sq Cambridge, MA

The best cab service I have experienced in my life! I was departing for a lengthy trip at an odd hour (3:30 am) from between Porter and Harvard Square and the car was at least 15 minutes early with a text to let me know it had arrived. All the similar glowing reviews will attest to the punctuality of this service, but I wanted to take the chance to highlight how Cabbie's Cab went above and beyond for me. In my stupor at 3:30 AM, on my way to meet my inlaws across the world, I managed to somehow slip off my wedding ring like a clown! My driver was not only accommodating in my personal search, which ultimately turned fruitless, but ended up saving the day by making me a promise, that if it was in the car, it would be returned to me, and keeping it. Sure enough, after dropping me off at the airport, his exhaustive search yielded my ring which he managed to return to me before my flight! Amazing! This kind of honesty, integrity, and hard work is hard to find. Rajan really saved me on this one! If you haven't given Cabbie's Cab a try, you are missing out!

Kristina G..
MA, United States

Driver was prompt and courteous. Cabbies Cab has proven to be very reliable. Just remember to confirm via text--a slightly complicated system that takes some getting used to.

Cambridge, MA

I'm a local doctor who has been using Cabbie's Cab exclusively for years. I always get 5 star service. The driver arrives ahead of time. The vehicles are clean and in excellent condition. You can't do better.

Roberto P..
Belmont, MA

The taxi showed up on time. Nice car. Great service. Very professional. Got to the airport on time. Will use again for sure.

Seth B..
Cambridge, MA

Always early, extremely reliable. Great service, and I never have to worry about getting to the airport on time.

Yingna S..
Cambridge, MA

Cabbies cab is great. They are on time and polite. I had some problems with the online-receipt. But they are very patient to solve the problem. I will take cabbies again whenever I need to go to catch a flight.

Brittany A..
MA, United States

I have been using Cabbie's Cab for over a year and the service is always excellent. It is very easy to book a service and they always arrive early so I never have to worry about missing a flight. I highly recommend Cabbie's Cab!

Bhargav B..
Cambridge, MA

Excellent service, Rajan was very pleasant and made the cab ride enjoyable

Christopher D..
, Logan Airport Boston MA

This continues to be my car service of choice; the cars are clean, the drivers are all friendly, and most importantly, they are always on time. I would go further and say that Cabbies has never arrived less than 5 minutes EARLY for a pickup.

Maura B..
Cambridge, MA

It was fast and efficient. Driver was ten minutes early, and got me to the airport exactly when I wanted to be there. Was very happy with the ride.

Hendrik H..
Cambridge, MA

Pleasant ride and clean cars. He arrived early but was patiently waiting till the designated time. He was a bit impatient during the payment period but he was fine afterwards and was pleasant to talk to

Hendrik H..
Cambridge, MA

The car is clean and the service is on time. The cab driver arrived early but waited patiently. He was a little bit impatient at the beginning during the payment but he was alright afterwards. Pleasant ride.

Philip G..
Somerville, MA

Fantastic service -- fast, reasonably priced, and always early. I have used Cabbie's Cab for years and it just keeps getting better.

Jose S..
Cambridge, MA

Have been using this service for 1 year and love it!!! Always on time!!!

Brittany H..
Cambridge, MA

Cabbie's Cab is the definition of a great business. They are literally never late. Perfect service. I use them constantly, and only them.

Ada M..
Cambridge, MA

Arrived 20 min early and very patient with us while we installed the carseat and got our baby settled. Great service!

Christopher D..
Cambridge, MA

My cab arrived early, the car was clean, and payment was very easy. This is a great service.

Hope K..
Somerville, MA

Cabbie's Cab is in a different league from any other cab or limo service I know. The service is impeccable and the cars clean and in top-notch condition. The car comes at least ten minutes before it is due and is announced via text. The owner is a fantastic driver, safe and focused, and friendly without being over-chatty. He knows traffic patterns and local roads and can tell you what kind of head start you should get. I trust him with my entire family. It simply does not get better than Cabbie's Cab.

Christopher D..
Boston, MA

Car was at the airport by the time I arrived, very easy to book and work with - this is a great company

Zarla L..
Somerville, MA

Very fast service!

kenneth g..
Boston, MA

The service was excellent. The driver showed up early and got me to the airport quickly. I will definitely use this service again.

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