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Neale ‎ - Jan 28, 2012
I go to the airport often and from experience I can say that Cabbie’s Cab is the best way to get there. The drivers are kind, professional, and make great use of technology (text confirmations, email receipts), something that I particularly appreciate. I wouldn’t go to Logan Airport or South Station Boston with anyone else. 

 ‎ - Jan 21, 2012
Cabbie’s Cab is great!!! I had a 7 am flight from Logan, and wanted to get picked up at 4:45 am. They told me the earliest time for that day was 5 am and the driver always arrive 15 min early. Indeed, the driver showed up at 4:45am, and even helped me find an ATM on the way. Cabbie’s Cab is very reliable. I’ll use them next time. 
NJ ‎ - Dec 13, 2011
I’ve used Cabbie’s Cab to get to Logan several times -- every time, the driver was there early, the car was clean, and the drive was pleasant. Best way to the airport! 
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Ben ‎ - Nov 12, 2011
I’ve been using Cabbie’s Cab for almost 2 years now (about 30 trips) and have always had a great experience. They take pride in their business and are always looking to please customers. The cars are new, clean, and always on time. Booking is always quick and easy via text message and odd hours (for early flights) are never a problem. I’ve already recommended this service to many people. I highly recommend you give Cabbie’s Cab a try. 
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Jason ‎ - Aug 24, 2011
Cabbie’s Cab is awesome. I first used their service last year when I had a 6:00 am flight and ABSOLUTELY had to get picked up by 4:30 a.m. My driver was there at 4:15 am and texted me to let me know that he would wait as long as I needed. Cabbie’s Cab is very reliable and I have used them multiple times since then and they are always early. I have always been very pleased with the service I’ve received. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Cambridge or Somerville area. 
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Tooldk ‎ - Jul 26, 2011
Found Cabbie’s Cab after some bad experiences with late taxis and limos. We have usedCabbie’s Cab ever since, both for business and family travel. It is the best limo service, bar none. The cost is comparable to taxis and unlike taxis you get great, clean cars, dependable and pleasant service. Cabbie’s Cab is always ready at our address before the agreed time, ready to go when we are. Whether we have travelled on business or with our little children and a ton of luggage, we have been greeted with kindness and patience. As Cabbie’s Cab is honest, clean, always reachable and always on time, we no longer worry about the ride to and from the airport. Instead we look forward to it. 
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Catherine ‎ - Jun 7, 2011
Fantastic experience! The trip to the airport was completely hassle-free. Cabbie’s Cab was on-time, friendly, professional and helpful. The car was very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend! 
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Sen ‎ - Apr 21, 2011
Extremely reliable service. I have to often visit the Harvard campus for evening sessions, flying in from D.C - and Cabbie’s Cab always meets the commitment even during odd hours. The cars are clean and nice, and the service very professional. Highly recommended. 
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Algebraic ‎ - Apr 13, 2011
Superb service. Cab is always early, he knows his route, and he makes the whole experience pleasant. Zero friction: book by text, get notice of his arrival by text, pay the flat rate by credit card and get the receipt by email. New Honda sedan, always clean. Rajan is personable and holds his service to the highest standard. I gather that he chooses his repeat customers, too; your punctuality and politeness will be rewarded. Exactly as they should be. This is the first cab company I’ve ever been slightly motivated to recommend -- takes all the stress out of getting to the airport.
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Jay ‎ - Apr 7, 2011
Rajan is impeccably punctual. He’s not just on time, he’s early. His cars are spotless, inside and out. A totally professional service. I recommend it without hesitation. 
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A Marks ‎ - Jan 7, 2012
Excellent service. Cab arrived ahead of time - clean vehicle inside and out - kind, professional attention to detail - reasonably priced - great value! 
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Mer ‎ - Dec 15, 2011
Best, most reliable service ever! I love the flat rate and they are always early. I have been traveling a lot recently and I am so happy that I found this service 
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G.K. ‎ - Dec 12, 2011
As a student who studies in Boston but whose family resides in Southern California, I need to travel frequently throughout the year. I have been using Cabbie’s Cab to go to and from Boston Logan for over a year now and have always been 100% satisfied with their service. I recommend them to all of my friends and roommates! The first time I made a reservation with Cabbie’s Cab, I called and booked a cab the traditional over-the-phone way. However, now all I have to do is text them my flight information and the time/place I need to be picked up from. Almost immediately, I receive a confirmation text with the flat rate costs upfront. Super convenient! Also, the driver (whether it be the owner, Rajan, or one of his employees) always arrives at least 10 minutes early to ensure he will not be late - never have to worry about being late! =) 
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Vince ‎ - Dec 11, 2011
I use Cabbie’s Cab service whenever I have to go to the Logan airport, and it is simply awesome. Firstly, it’s very reliable. The cab always arrives at my house a few minutes early. Secondly, it is competitively priced. I would say its prices are at least on par with, or perhaps even cheaper than, that of a regular cab. Thirdly, the cab is much more comfortable than normal cabs. The owner recently invested in purchasing new cars to improve the passengers’ ride experience. Lastly, Cabbie’s Cab is very personalized. The owner Rajan really cares about his passengers, and it makes the experience that much more pleasant. i highly recommend using Cabbie’s Cab! 
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Bryan ‎ - Nov 7, 2011
Cabbies Cab is the most reliable car service I have ever used. Offering a flat rate for transportation to Logan airport, just book a time and he will always have a driver pick you up on time. Using Cabbie’s Cabmakes my life a lot easier, taking all the hassle out of getting to my flight on time. I would recommend this friendly service to anyone! 
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Ahmabrooke ‎ - Nov 6, 2011
Outstanding reliable service. Not only are they prompt but always early confirming ahead of time. Their cars are new and always clean 
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Philippe ‎ - Apr 26, 2011
I used Cabbie’s Cab every Wednesday from Mid-January to the end of April and he was always on time, even 10 minutes earlier. Rajan is a very friendly driver and does his best to find out the fastest way to the airport. I got the $35 deal which is unbeatable. His cars are spacious and very clean. It’s really something important as I spent half an hour from Harvard to the Airport. Rajan is always ready to find out if your flight is delayed or on time through his iPad/IPhone. I definitly recommand Cabbie’s cab to anyone who wants to be on time with a really nice man! 
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G ‎ - Apr 27, 2011

Response from the owner
I dont know who you are when you use my service up to know i provide every single customer best service i can. we provide best service in the area more than 1000 repeat customer they use my service all the time whenever they need you did not write any word but give me one star why ? my Cars are 100% better then regular Taxi brand new and my flat rates are less than Cab, i am sure you never use my service if did please let public know what happen may be you feel i refuse to provide service if we busy we never over booked. thanks have a wonderful life if you one of our customer you really want to fix the mis understanding please call or text us to solve this problem and also i request the google they publish my answer as it is. Rajan B
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